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MNF preview: Week 4 Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys

I am very excited for tonight’s game.  The winning team will come out of this game at 3-1 and looking like a playoff contender while the losing team will come out 2-2 and looking as if they are going to … Continue reading

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One of the few, the proud, the people who picked the Cowboys.

Last night I, along with roughly 23 million other people, enjoyed the first game of the current NFL season.  There was much ado about the replacement referees, and besides one slight gaffe in the end zone involving a receiver who … Continue reading

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Let him play!

If Jason Witten wants to sign a waiver in order to play tonight’s game, why not let him?  From everything I have read it seems as if he is healthy enough or close to healthy enough to be on the … Continue reading

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