Pre-draft NFL rankings

There have been some movements by teams prior to the draft, mostly free agent signings but some trades and retirements.  A friend of mine and I put together a ranking of where the teams are (were) before the draft starts (started).  We ranked each team from 1 to 32 and added the rankings together.  The teams that had the same resulting number we have ranked at the same level, for now.  This post will almost surely be updated or followed shortly.

1. Denver

1. Seattle

1. San Francisco

4. Houston

4. Atlanta

6. New England

7. Green Bay

8. Baltimore

9. Bengals

10. Washington

11. Indianapolis

12. New Orleans

13. Tampa Bay

13. New York Giants

15. Chicago

16. Minnesota

17. Detroit

18. St. Louis

19. Dallas

20. Miami

21. Philadelphia

22. Carolina

23. Kansas City

24. Pittsburgh

25. Arizona

26. Buffalo

27. San Diego

28.  Cleveland

29. Tennessee

30. Oakland

31. Jacksonville

32. New York Jets

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I will probably write about a lot of things nobody cares to read. There is also a good chance I do not update this very often.
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