Super Bowl XLVII Preview

Much is being made of the fact that two men who occupied the same womb at different times are competing against in each other in the grand finale of the National Football League season.  This has never happened before and will only serve to increase the ratings on the already highest rated television event annually.  Also helping to increase the rating will be a highly entertaining and hard fought contest.  Let’s take a brief look at how each team got to the championship contest and what may happen on Sunday February 3rd.

San Francisco 49ers 1st NFC West (11-4-1) #2 Seed

The 49ers played very well throughout the season and were competitive in all but one of the games they lost.  The team went through a major facelift after Alex Smith suffered a concussion during the tie with St. Louis in Week 10.  Colin Kaepernick got a shot at quarterback and torched the vaunted Chicago Bears defense which earned him the starting role for the rest of the season.  He has done more than enough to lead his team to the final game and has made coach Jim Harbaugh look a genius.  Their defense took a big hit when Justin Smith was sideline with a partially torn triceps, but he will play against the Ravens.  Even at less than 100% his experience and level of play will help the entire defense.

Baltimore Ravens 1st AFC North (10-6-0) #4 Seed

The Ravens made it through some ugly games this season on the right side of the score and because of this earned 1st place in their division and one of the playoff spots in the American Football Conference.  These games were almost always ugly due to their offensive play.  Joe Flacco is wildly inconsistent and former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was not utilizing Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce as frequently as he maybe should have.  After Cameron’s firing before week fifteen former Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell was handed the offensive coordinator position which included play-calling duties.  The offense has been much more run-heavy since and the offense has been running much more smoothly.

Super Bowl 47 is going to be a game that people remember for a long time.  Two of the top five defenses in the league are competing against each other and both sides offenses have been performing at an extremely high level recently.  I think we will see a lot of both running backs and some huge plays in the pass game, both offensively and defensively.  I would also be surprised if Kaepernick does not run for at least 50 yards.  I think despite the fact both teams have crushing defenses this will be a high scoring affair and predict a 37-33 finish.

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