2013 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos

I am writing this from my phone because at the moment I do not have a computer. 
The only chance Baltimore has of winning is if they hand the ball of to Ray Rice far more times than Joe Flacco gets to throw it.  They have a great defense but any defense can be made to look mediocre by Peyton Manning. 

I think Denver wins this one by a lot mostly due to Peyton Manning but also the help of his young receivers and Denver’s new starting running back Knowshon Moreno.  Final score prediction of 34-13. 

Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers

Green Bay had the benefit of playing an easier schedule to make it into the playoffs and now they’ll be truly tested by a team they lost to the first week of the season. 

What will decide this game is the health of Green Bay’s receivers and how well San Francisco’s defense does covering them.  Although I do not like the Packers I think they will win this game in a close one.  Final score of 27-24. 

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons

The Russell Wilson show goes on tour to Atlanta in the battle of the birds on Sunday.  He and Marshawn Lynch should be able to run roughshod over a defense that has struggled at times this season with lesser offenses than what Seattle is operating at. 

Atlanta might have a better offensive attack than Seattle, but the Seahawks have been crushing on defense at times.  I think Seattle will win this game with a score of 20-17. 

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots
Not much to say here, we saw how the last meeting between these teams went and not much has changed since.  If Houston does a better job of confusing Tom Brady this time the game may be closer.

My call, Patriots over Texans 31-20.

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2 Responses to 2013 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

  1. CBG says:

    I especially like the Packers prediction (obviously). I think the key will be if the Packers O-line can give Rodgers time to throw to those receivers. The 49ers pass rush is scary good. We’ll know in about 7 hours.

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