Week 9 NFL Picks

Week nine was another solid week for myself, although I did fall slightly in the rankings I had a pretty good clip, if I have a “bad” week I like that it is a week in which I am only slightly below the average on ESPN.  My straight up picks will be in bold and my spread picks will be in italics.

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers-8.5

Kansas City looks as if they are playing for the #1 pick in the draft, even though I am fairly certain they are still trying to win games.  Romeo Crennel does not want to be looking for work elsewhere, but at this point that scenario looks inevitable.

Denver Broncos@ Cincinnati Bengals +3.5

Peyton is showing week after week that he is still the smartest quarterback in the NFL with an arm to envy.  Cincinnati is struggling to keep teams out of the end zone and to show some sort of offensive balance.  This one was easy to call.

Baltimore Ravens@ Cleveland Browns +3.5

Cleveland is a year or two away on offense, which the Ravens are happy about seeing that they are missing two of their most important defensive pieces.  Cleveland’s defense might keep it within a touchdown, but not close enough to cover the spread.

Arizona Cardinals @ Green Bay Packers -10.5

Green Bay is down one star receiver, their second receiver is hampered by injury and their running backs are anything but consistent.  Aaron Rodgers will make sure they win this game, but it won’t be a complete blowout.

Chicago Bears@ Tennessee Titans +3.5

This point spread is an insult to a team with the best defense in the entire league going up against an inept offense.  On the other sides of the ball, Tennessee is probably worst in the league, while Chicago seems to put up plenty of points against weaker opponents.

Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts +2.5

Miami has a solid defense and an offense that is finding it’s identity.  Indianapolis knows they need Andrew Luck to throw the ball to win, but the question is if their defense can perform well enough.

Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins-3.5

Robert Griffin III should be able to find the holes in this defense, as long as he doesn’t have trouble with the big hits that are going to come his way every game.  Cam Newton is struggling just as much as any quarterback (besides whoever they have slinging the ball in Arizona and Kansas City) and Washington should be able to rattle him.

Detroit Lions@ Jacksonville Jaguars +3.5

Another insult of a spread.  Detroit is a far better team than Jacksonville and I expect them to win by 10+.

Buffalo Bills @ Houston Texans -10.5

Buffalo continues to struggle, but Houston has had defensive issues every since Brian Cushing was lost for the season.  I expect Buffalo to be able to somewhat keep up with Houston, but not score more points than them.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Oakland Raiders -1.5

Neither team will make the playoffs, but both are capable of playing very well on any given day.  I’m giving the edge to Oakland at home.

Minnesota Vikings@ Seattle Seahawks -4.5

Minnesota desperately needs a win if they want to stay in the wildcard hunt with much tougher opponents on the horizon while Seattle has not particularly impressed me.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Giants-3.5

The lack of a consistent running game has to catch up with the Steelers sometime, I believe it will be against the defending Superbowl champions.

Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons-4.5

Dallas has struggled to play to their own potential all season, except their first game.  Atlanta is rolling along taking care of business in all phases of the game and I don’t foresee that changing against the under-performing Cowboys.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints-3.5

New Orleans defense has not been playing well this season, but they don’t have to against a Philadelphia offense that makes a plethora of mistakes each and every week.

So after this week in which I picked 7 spread picks and 9 straight up picks correctly I am sitting at the 20,114 spot and the 86.5 percentile against the spread and 104,995 and 82.3 percentile straight up.  I have some work to do, but I feel I can end up in the top 95 percentile of both by the end of the season.  Wish me luck!


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