Week 8 NFL Picks

This week was another where I had far more right than wrong, and I am moving up in the rankings.  Most of the teams that should have won did.  Below are my picks for Week 8, straight up in bold and spread italicized.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Minnesota Vikings-6.5

Minnesota has played pretty well this season, finding ways to win games they maybe shouldn’t and Tampa Bay is struggling majorly.

Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears-7.5

Chicago has been dominating the weaker teams they’ve been playing.  Newton has been giving the ball to opposing defenses and Chicago has the fiercest defense so far this season.

San Diego Chargers@ Cleveland Browns +2.5

Cleveland has a pretty good defense but is trying to overcome injury issues and struggling to find an offensive identity.  San Diego needs a win if they’re going to compete with Denver for the AFC West title.

Seattle Seahawks @ Detroit Lions-2.5

Detroit wins this game.  If they overcome the drop issues and Seattle plays at their own talent level Detroit wins this one easily.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Green Bay Packers -13.5

Green Bay shouldn’t have an issue with the Jaguars, but I feel like the lead will come quickly and they will play conservatively in the second half.

Indianapolis Colts@ Tennessee Titans -3.5

The Colts are playing much better defensively than the Titans are this season.  Also their offense is led by a future superstar, while Tennessee’s is led by a washed up mediocre quarterback.

New England Patriots@ St. Louis Rams +6.5

No way the Patriots lose to the Rams on a neutral field.

Miami Dolphins@ New York Jets -2.5

The Dolphins get revenge for their earlier loss.  The Jets are decimated by injuries and are surrounded by controversy.

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles -2.5

Andy Reid has never lost coming off of a bye, and the Falcons have to come upon a loss at some point.

Washington Redskins @ Pittsburgh Steelers -5.5

The Steelers have been surprising me, overcoming injuries and age to win some of their games.  Washington’s defense has injury issues of their own and a rookie going up against Dick LeBeau’s scheme.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs -1.5

The Chiefs are the worst team in the NFL and may not win another game this season.

New York Giants@ Dallas Cowboys +1.5

The Giants avenge their season opening loss to the Cowboys, mainly because since then Tony Romo has looked the exact opposite of what he looked like in that game.

New Orleans Saints @ Denver Broncos -6.5

Denver’s defense is too good to let the Saints overcome the points Manning can put up against the weak Saints defense, but they should be able to score enough to keep it close.

San Francisco 49ers@ Arizona Cardinals +6.5

Arizona is not the team some people thought they were when they won four games right out of the gate.  San Francisco should beat them handily.

If you kept track at all, you would know that I got 10 straight up and 9 spread picks correct.  For straight up that puts me at the 85.4 percentile and ranked 85,615 and 90.5 percentile and ranked 13,991 against the spread on ESPN.  Slowly moving up the ranks, but a lot of ground to make up to see the leader board.


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