My Week 5 Picks

This last week went much like the last couple of recent weeks.  A mediocre showing at best.  The Dolphins continue to be the bane of my picks and a couple of close games went the wrong way for me.  Below are my picks, straight up will be in bold and against the spread will be italicized.

Arizona Cardinals@ St. Louis Rams +1.5

I don’t think Arizona is a top ten team in the NFL, but I do not think the Rams are very good either.  The Cardinals defense should be too much for St. Louis.

Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals-4.5

The last couple of weeks I have picked the Dolphins and they have let me down.  Cincinnati is a good team that has played below their potential thus far this season.

Green Bay Packers @ Indianapolis Colts +7.5

Green Bay needs to turn it around sometime and Indianapolis has defensive issues and a rookie quarterback.

Baltimore Ravens@ Kansas City Chiefs +4.5

Baltimore is a much superior team in all aspects.  Except maybe kicking.

Cleveland Browns @ New York Giants -9.5

Cleveland is not horrible, they just have had to play some great teams and it makes them look bad.  The Giants are not the same team that won the Superbowl last year, but that doesn’t mean they will not be that team at the end of this season.

Philadelphia Eagles@ Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5

Pittsburgh is a mediocre team right now and Philadelphia is a solid team with Michael Vick issues.

Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins +3.5

Almost an insult to only spot the undefeated Falcons three and a half against the Redskins.  Washington’s team is coming together nicely, but they are not on the same level as Atlanta right now.

Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers -3.5

Carolina is a good team I am waiting to play up to their potential.  When will it happen?

Chicago Bears @ Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5

I am guessing a lot of people made a lot of money off of this spread this week.  Ridiculous.

Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings-5.5

Tennessee has an atrocious offense and their defense is even worse.  As long as the Vikings play like they have been the home team should have no trouble here.

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots-6.5

Denver is a great team but New England looks to be on a tear that they hope continues through this year’s Superbowl.

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers-9.5

San Francisco was humiliated by Minnesota a few weeks ago and they have been taking it out on other teams since.  Look for that to continue against a seriously struggling Bills defense.

San Diego Chargers@ New Orleans Saints -3.5

New Orleans has yet to win a game and I don’t think it will happen against a Chargers team that is looking to build a large lead over Denver in the division.

Houston Texans@ New York Jets +7.5

Another tale in the saga that is the joke of this year’s Jets team.

Contrary to what I had predicted last week, I did not do much to improve on my numbers this week.  I got 8 straight up picks right, placing me in the 73.4 percentile among ESPN competitors and ranked 149,495.  Against the spread I got only 6 right and that places me in the 87.7 percentile and ranked 17,653.  With a tough week coming up hopefully some things can bounce my way.


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