Get ready Jacksonville

Especially the Jaguars, because the Chicago Bears are on a tear after the embarrassment they received at the hands of the Green Bay Packers.  Tomorrow I’m flying to Orlando and getting picked up by one of the guys I was lucky enough to deploy with, great guy.  I’m extremely excited to take in a new stadium and escape the cold of Minnesota for a weekend.
Jacksonville is clearly one of the worst teams in the league and I expect a blowout.  Something like 37-10 with the Jaguars maybe scoring less.  I expect to see a lot of passing early to build a big lead and another great showing by the Bears defensive line.
If anyone knows a great place to go in Jacksonville before the game starts be sure to let me know.


About millerhour

I will probably write about a lot of things nobody cares to read. There is also a good chance I do not update this very often.
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