I have a sinking feeling…

…that I’m going to regret what I did yesterday.  I signed up to take a free LSAT exam.  I have always aspired to be a sports agent.  I hear the most feasible way to make this happen is to obtain a law degree and start out practicing law.  I have always been extremely analytical and inquiring, it has caused problems for me before, and great at arguing.  I feel like on the job I could do very well in the legal world; doing the work to get through the school might be what gets me.  I’m going to take this practice exam, which is a real exam but will not count for an official score, and gauge my probability at scoring well and possibly performing well in law school.


About millerhour

I will probably write about a lot of things nobody cares to read. There is also a good chance I do not update this very often.
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