Money Saving Tip for the day

This is for those who take protein shakes.  I have found that if you mix your shake with water instead of milk it can be a little hard to go down at first if you’re used to milk; but after the first few it becomes old hat and you expect it.  I never took my shakes with water until I started keeping my protein powder at the gym and was forced to due to the lack of refrigeration.  I highly suggest it.  A typical gallon of milk runs around $3.47 according to the information I found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.  At 128 ounces per gallon that’s 2.71 cents per ounce.  Most people mix their powder with roughly 8 ounces of milk.  Now most people would scoff at a savings of only roughly 21.7 cents per shake.  But if you’re already paying $0.40 to $1.35 per shake adding 22 cents can make a difference.  Or if you take on average a shake a day, you can look at it as $6.60 a month.  If you’re like me, you’re already taking a multivitamin, krill oil, CLA and a pre-workout supplement.  Any way I can save a few bucks, or a few pennies, anywhere makes a huge difference.


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