Eleven years ago today our world was changed forever.  Airport security is tighter, people think twice about flying and Arab persons are stereotyped far more than they were in recent history.  A tragedy took place that deeply spurned, injured and unified our country all at once.  What caused this horrible phenomena?  Ignorance.  The same culprit that has been responsible for atrocities such as slavery, the Holocaust and every single hate crime that has ever taken place on this planet.  Ignorance can only be dispelled if the ignorant open themselves to ideas they have previously disregarded.  Sometimes the open-mindedness is forced upon the ignorant by means such as war.  It helped end the genocide of the Jewish people and it is the course of action taken by the United States.  Our great nation’s motives were not purely noble however, the decision to go to war with those who had taken such a great transgression against our nation was fueled by the dark incentive of revenge.

It took approximately ten years but we, as the American people, killed the man believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths to American people.  There is no way to make up to any of the families or friends affected, nor the years missed out by those affected from the events of that day.  The passengers on the planes, the people in the buildings, the firefighters, policemen and national guard members sorting through the wreckage looking for possible survivors.  Last, but certainly not least, there have been far too many lives lost in foreign lands, penitence paid to save their families and descendants from death by ignorance.  Paid so all of us can live our lives to the fullest each and every day.

Recently I have had the opportunity and privilege to serve our nation in a deployed location.  It is an honor to wear the colors of the best team in the history of the world, the US of A.  I did not see combat, and at no time was I in any imminent danger.  I am not a hero and nobody I know who has served will tell you they are, it is our job to be the nations safeguards and protectors.  The job of everyone, either civilian or non, is to honor the sacrifice made by all those who have gone before us.  To show the people who would try to make it otherwise that we live in the greatest place on our planet and that we will not be scared or threatened by anybody weak enough to want to hurt others.  Life is a privilege and the true freedom we experience is not something to be taken for granted.  Seek out your goals, make your dreams come true and never give up on yourself.  Enjoy life and bring joy to those around you.  It is on this day every year that we commemorate the events of 9/11/01 and it is this day that we should reflect upon our lives and ask ourselves if we are doing all we can to repay our fallen ascendants.



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