Some Week One thoughts prior to the Sunday night game

Being a Chicago Bears fan living in Minneapolis, Minnesota and not being a subscriber to Direct TV means a few things, but mainly that if I want to watch most Bears games I need to go to a local sports bar or illegally stream it online.  Today I chose the former and was treated to some good games on the televisions covering the walls.  The service was great too, not the fastest but definitely easy on the eyes.  I will probably be heading back to Station 280 to watch football often this season.  Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting aspects of week one so far.

To me the most surprising aspect of week one is the amount of points that have been scored.  Apparently the stoppers need more time and film to game plan for the scorers.  Also contributing to the high number of points was the rust displayed by a few quarterbacks tossing a lot of balls to players in the wrong color jersey.

Not surprising to me, seeing as how he was the first quarterback I picked up in my fantasy draft in the seventh round, was the play of Robert Griffin III.  He outplayed his proven counterpart, Drew Brees, in his first NFL regular season game and led his team to victory.  Andrew Luck was not as fortunate in his first game with his Colts nearly being doubled up by the Bears 41-21 and throwing three interceptions.  Had it not been for an ill-advised Jay Cutler pass that was intercepted and returned a few yards for a touchdown the score would have probably been more lopsided.

Although I am not yet prepared to post all of my picks I made for week one, I will say that I was close to having a heart attack while watching the finale of Philadelphia’s win over Cleveland.  I took them in my survivor league and was sweating bullets throughout the second half.

The Carolina Panthers and New York Giants lost but neither of those upsets were as dynamic as the Saints loss.  Are the Washington Redskins a team that should be taken as serious contenders for the NFC East title?  Is RGIII ready to lead his team on long playoff run?  Should Saints fans be scared?  Next week should provide some clarity for us as New Orleans takes on Carolina in a divisional game and Washington has to travel to the West Coast and play a late game.

The biggest story for Bears and Vikings fans (other than the rookie kicker coming through in the clutch and ultimately winning the game for the Minnesota faithful) is the Green Bay Packers loss to the San Francisco 49ers.  Another preview, I picked the ‘niners not only to cover the spread but to win outright.

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