It must be college football season.

I decided to bike to the gym today to play some basketball.  On the way there I ran into some “traffic”.  It so happened that my bike ride coincided with the end of the Minnesota Gophers latest football contest.  Police were directing traffic near campus and I had to wait entirely too long at certain traffic lights near campus.  I had my headphones in so I did not hear any of the chatter of the game’s spectators so I could not tell whether Minnesota had won or not.  You would think I could tell by the way the pedestrians were behaving, but it was a non-conference game and Gopher fans are far beyond jaded when it comes to the football team.  I did however later learn that Minnesota had won pretty handily.

Another reason I know it is college football season is when I got home from the gym my roommate was parked on the couch in the same spot as when I left, and there still when I left for Sam’s Club and when I returned.  I must stress that he is not a bum, or a meathead, just a huge Cornhusker fan and highly interested in the college game.  We just moved in together and I am actually excited about this, I may become more involved in the college game; something I have been trying to do for a long time.


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