One of the few, the proud, the people who picked the Cowboys.

Last night I, along with roughly 23 million other people, enjoyed the first game of the current NFL season.  There was much ado about the replacement referees, and besides one slight gaffe in the end zone involving a receiver who cannot complain due to some dropped passes, they did a pretty good job.  I do not know if the league’s statement declaring they would have the best referee crews on the most crucial games was wise; in this they are admitting their (the referee;s) overall ineptitude.  Enough about the refs, we’ve all heard too much about them.

The game was sloppy on both sides, what we learned was New York has some work to do in order to play as well as they did last year during their phenomenal stretch run and that Dallas has a strong run game and a quarterback who looks good.  The only problem is Romo has a history of following up great games with extremely mediocre ones.

I would be a horrible blogger if I did not mention Ogletree’s emergence as a legitimate fantasy threat.  My opinion is don’t expect him to have a performance like this again.  There is a probability he will be at the #2 or #1 receiver slot and this will give him ample opportunity to perform, but there are much better options out there.

I would like to point out that I picked Dallas not only to cover the spread, but also to outright win the game.  I cannot post all of my picks right now, due to my being in a couple of leagues that I have some investments placed in, and I do not want anybody in the league knowing my picks, but you can expect them to be posted coming up and probably every week thereafter.


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