One more time.

My last semester of this undergraduate degree starts tomorrow.  My schedule is looking pretty favorable this season with a pretty good chance of scoring a lot of A’s.  I only have two core classes left for my Sport Management degree; four classes overall.  Some of the bonuses of school starting up again:

  • Women: I was rolling to the store earlier today to pick up some things and passed by the sororities.  Made sense that today was rush day, I literally smelled the fake tan and body spray emanating from the lines of underclass hopefuls.  Good luck ladies, but remember, even if you can’t do it for the sorority you can still slut it up.
  • U-Rec: To be more specific, the University Rec Center.  A few basketball courts, state of the art strength resistance machines and free weights.  Upwards of ten racquetball courts, I don’t need anything else.  This bullet could also be tied to the first bullet, since there will be plenty of women up in the gym working on their fitness.
  • Something to do: Since I have returned from my deployment I have not done much but hang out with my friends and  work out at the gym on my base.  I will start looking for a job very soon, waiting on one that might happen actually, but in the meantime I’ll have some schoolwork and classes to keep me occupied.
  • The end: After this semester I will have two degrees, and that is something I am pretty escited for.
  • Excitement: I am a person who grew up in a town of just over 1,000 people and I hated it.  Going to the third largest university in the second largest metro area in the upper midwest fit me very well and during the summer the campus can be somewhat lonely.  It will be nice to weave my way through campus and see some old friends and possibly make some new ones.

So there you have, the main reason I am excited for school to start is something to do, which includes people-watching/interaction; with a main focus on women.


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I will probably write about a lot of things nobody cares to read. There is also a good chance I do not update this very often.
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