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Week 3 NFL picks

I had another kerfluffle of a week.  A few different things could have happened and I would have looked somewhat smarter this week.  Such as Carpenter making his OT field goal attempt, or Philbin not calling a timeout when Folk’s … Continue reading

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What a whacky week.

What a great day if you’re a fan of parity and upsets in the NFL.  What a horrible day if you’re me, who decided to pick most of the NFL games wrongly.  In my defense Jacksonville probably should not have … Continue reading

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Money Saving Tip for the day

This is for those who take protein shakes.  I have found that if you mix your shake with water instead of milk it can be a little hard to go down at first if you’re used to milk; but after … Continue reading

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Week 2 in review.

I am going to combine my review with my picks this week, being that I will probably not have this particular posting finished until the Monday night game is over. Clearly the biggest upset this week was the Arizona Cardinals … Continue reading

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Week 2 Game 1 Bears at Packers

Being who I am, a diehard Chicago Bears fan who spent most of my adolescent years living in Wisconsin and a recent avid blogger, I would be remiss if I did not discuss the pending showdown this evening between the … Continue reading

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Eleven years ago today our world was changed forever.  Airport security is tighter, people think twice about flying and Arab persons are stereotyped far more than they were in recent history.  A tragedy took place that deeply spurned, injured and … Continue reading

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NFL Week One Picks

As I alluded to earlier, I am in a couple of different NFL Pick leagues.  Below are my picks for each and every game and a short reasoning as to why I picked what I did.  I know picks are … Continue reading

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