Might have made a mistake today.

On one of two levels.  I pre-ordered Black Ops 2 today.  I got free shipping, but the game will not come until a week after the release date.  This is where I don’t know exactly what the mistake was.  Should I have just waited and bought it the day it came out, in order to assure I would be able to play it as soon as possible?  Or should I have just forgotten about this game and saved my money on something that may be more productive?  The original Black Ops has been my favorite Call of Duty game to date, and the trailers for the sequel looked amazing.  I guess the money I’ll save on the girlfriend I won’t have will be worth it?


About millerhour

I will probably write about a lot of things nobody cares to read. There is also a good chance I do not update this very often.
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