Do I have a winning combination?

As promised, my review for my first fantasy football draft of the season.  I run a 12-team league comprised of family members and friends.  If you look at the order in which I drafted you may notice some discrepancies when you compare that to my rankings.  That can be attributed to being a part of three prior drafts in this same league and learning people’s tendencies and favorite teams/players.  It is a point per reception league (half of a point to be exact) and passing touchdowns are worth 6 points.

Due to a small mishap on my part we decided to only keep one player from last year’s roster on our teams this year.  I had no players on my team worth a first round pick so I did not keep anybody.  It was a snake style draft and I had the 11th pick in the second (first after keepers) round.  In the keepers round I selected CJ2K, best of the running backs still available, and then had the 11th pick in the next round and then the snake format began.  Due to this format my picks were almost back to back, it was nice when the two guys I had set next fell to me and I only had to figure out who the one person picking between my picks might want.

I will not go down pick by pick, but some notable acquisitions I made are:

Titus Young in the sixth round.  He could have a huge year if he starts opposite Calvin Johnson and he keeps out of trouble off the field.

Robert Griffin III in the seventh round.  I know some other guys were licking their chops to take this guy in our keeper league (which will have four keepers this year) and I had to snag him in order to get a quarterback and someone with amazing potential.

Randy Moss in the tenth round.   To be honest I thought he would be gone before then, and because he wasn’t I was happy to land him after already picking starters at every offensive position and a backup at RB and WR.  He could pay huge dividends this year.

Russell Wilson in the fifteenth round.  If he starts for Seattle this year he could catch fire and have a long illustrious career and open the door for short quarterbacks across the country.  Do it for the vertically challenged Russell!

Josh Gordon in the sixteenth round.  He could be the best WR on a team that is lacking in talent at that position.  I was very surprised he was left.

Ronnie Brown in the seventeenth round.  The likely man to start at running back in week one and whenever Ryan Mathews isn’t healthy (which seems to be all of the time) was left in the final round.  Why not?

Take a look at my picks round by round and let me know what you think.       #NFLFF2012

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Larry Fitzgerald
  3. Brandon Marshall
  4. Steve Smith
  5. Reggie Bush
  6. Titus Young
  7. RGIII
  8. DeAngelo Williams
  9. Fred Davis
  10. Randy Moss
  11. LeGarrette Blount
  12. Chiefs D/ST
  13. Jermaine Gresham
  14. Robbie Gould
  15. Russell Wilson
  16. Josh Gordon
  17. Ronnie Brown

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1 Response to Do I have a winning combination?

  1. millerhour says:

    Russell Wilson named the starter. Pretty good value pick in a keeper league?

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