The Campaign

The movie, not the ongoing presidential campaign that has taken over most news outlets.  I decided to use my movie credit money to see The Campaign this weekend, it was a good decision.

Cast: Hard to argue with Zach Galifianakis.  Not everyone is a fan of Will Ferrell but I am.  I guess maybe I just don’t have a problem with him being loud and obnoxious, sometimes loud and obnoxious is funny.  Jason Sudeikis is starting to show up in a lot of different movies and he plays his part pretty well.  Some other recognizable names include Brian Cox and Dylan McDermott.

Characters: Although overdone, the part of bloated politician was portrayed by Ferrell.  Galifianakis played a part very similar to the one he normally plays, a socially awkward yet completely polite and well-to-do person that just wants to make sure everyone is happy all of the time.  Ferrell’s wife, portrayed by Katherine LaNasa was the stereotypical fame-seeking and egotistical mold for a politicians wife.  Galifianakis’ wife, as one would assume, is a simple, quaint, quiet and polite portrayed by Sarah Baker.  The children are the perfect quiet yet timely comedic relief.  Also McDermott’s campaign manager is one you would only find in a comedy, but helps the laughs.

Plot: I was pleased with how the movie ended, and the shocks throughout the film.  There is a bit of the unexpected along the extremely predictable story line.  For the first time after four terms of running unopposed Zach challenges Will for his seat in Congress.  Some corporate bigwigs have a plan that needs legislative backing, so they rally around the new guy; and by rally around I mean fund his entire campaign in order to attempt to “buy” the legislation.  There are a lot of laughs due to many embarrassing moments and outrageous scenarios.

Recommendation: If you are of age and enjoy comedies I would say definitely go for it.  It was full of hilarious moments and had a heartwarming ending.



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