The Bears receivers revisited.

The crop of wideouts for the Bears whittled itself down today when 25 year old Devin Thomas announced his retirement.  He must have been tired of being a special teams player in the NFL.  For whatever reasons he retired, that leaves Chicago with Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, Devin Hester, Dane Sanzenbacher, Earl Bennett, Eric Weems, Max Komar and undrafted rookies Chris Summers, Brittan Golden, Terriun Crump and Joseph Anderson.  Johnny Knox is still on the roster but he is going through an extensive recovery process and could be placed on the PUP or Injury Reserve list.
How many receivers will the Chicago Bears keep?  It may be more than most teams seeing as the diversity most of these players have in terms of special teams.  To start the season the top three should be Marshal, Jeffrey and Bennett.  Weems and Hester will be kept for special teams purposes and the only undrafted player I have heard anything about is Golden.  Things are looking pretty good for Sanzenbacher who had some trouble with dropped passes last season but overall did a nice job filling the over-the-middle role that Bennett vacated when he was injured.  If Knox can come back and play to his potential he should be the number two/slot guy.  Until then it is my guess that Jeffrey will see most of the time at #2 across from Brandon Marshall with Bennett filling in the slot and Hester spelling all of the top three.  I don’t expect to see many four-wide sets with the talent Chicago has at the running back and tight end spots.
With Komar gone, Marshall, Hester, Jeffrey, Weems, Bennett and Sanzenbacher all remaining it looks as if the Bears will retain at least one undrafted free agent stick with the team; at least until Knox is back.


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