Pre-preseason NFL rankings.

With the help of a couple of my closest friends and fellow bright sports minds I have compiled a list of the teams in the National Football League in order of where they stand as an organization at this point in time.  Along with each team listed we will include a bit of analysis from one of us.  We figured; hey, everyone else does it, why not us?

1. New England: QB Tom Brady and the offense will continue to be close to unstoppable especially with all of the options for him to throw to.  – arc

2. New York Giants: They are flying under the radar compared to the other team from New York and that’s the way they like it. If their secondary can stay healthy, they’ll be right back in the thick of things. – cbg

3. Green Bay: GM Ted Thompson went heavy on defense in the draft.  If a few of those picks pan out over the course of the season and the offense plays as well as it has the past few years this team could be the most feared opponent throughout the playoffs. – sjm

4. San Francisco: What was probably the strongest defense of last season is returning all key parts.  The offense has some new weapons and could be more dynamic than they have been in years. – sjm

5.Houston: QB Matt Schaub went down with a foot injury that really made it difficult for the team to make waves in the playoffs with reserve rookie QB T.J. Yates.  The 2nd leading rushing attack in the league in 2011 will help ease Schaub back into action. – arc

6. Baltimore: Joe Flacco has been under scrutiny because of the lack of passing game over the last few years.  The emergence of WR Torrey Smith and the stability of WR Anquan Boldin over the middle are very good assets that have not been there for Flacco in recent years.  This team is in decline defensively if they do not get younger quickly.  The door may be closing on MLB Lewis and S Ed Reed. – arc

7. Chicago: The addition of Brandon Marshall and drafting Alshon Jeffrey is very scary and definitely propels them past the Lions in the NFC North. If Cutler can stay healthy and their defense hasn’t aged too much, they could be in prime position for a deep playoff run. – cbg

8. Philadelphia: The Eagles have worked hard to ink plenty of extremely talented players.  They drafted to fill holes and are now primed to make good on their “dream team” proclamation made by departed backup QB Vince Young. – sjm

9. New Orleans: The Saints will either win their division or fail miserably. There will be no in between. I’m going with the latter until they prove me wrong on the field. – cbg

10. Pittsburgh: The last game of the season for the Steelers will stick in their heads until the beginning of the 2012 season.  They were heavily favored in the Wild Card round of the playoffs against the Denver Broncos. – arc

11. Detroit: I see the Motor City crew underachieving this year. Especially since they have to play the Packers and the Bears twice. – cbg

12. Denver: If Peyton Manning can play 80% as well as he did during his time with the Colts he will lead the Broncos to a division championship and beyond. – sjm

13. Atlanta: To their credit, they did draft their C for the next decade in Konz. They didn’t add any more weapons for Matt Ryan and Tony Gonzalez isn’t getting any younger. Besides Konz, they didn’t do anything to help their terrible O-line. They have one of the oldest defenses in the league. – cbg

14. Buffalo: The Bills brought in bookends on the defensive line Mario Williams and Mark Anderson.  This should help improve a unit who will be shifting back to a 4-3 defense unit headed up by Defensive Coordinator Dave Wannstedt.  QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense will look to improve upon a good season, despite losing RB Fred Jackson in week 11. – arc

15. Dallas: Good news for the Cowboys, charges against Dez Bryant were dropped.  Romo and Garrett are on the hot seat, and Bryant could be the key that keeps both in the Big D for at least another year. – sjm

16. Cincinnati: A young playoff team yet again on the rise with I think the best draft class in 2012.  Bengals fans, who have not had much be excited about in the past, should be excited about the present and future. – arc

17. San Diego: The Chargers have delivered underwhelming performances in the playoffs over the last several years.  Those playoff performances carried over into the last two regular seasons as the team has missed the playoffs in both 2010 and 2011.  The team needs an improvement at the RB position to help take the burden off of QB Philip Rivers shoulders.  Who will develop as a favorite target for Rivers not named TE Antonio Gates after the departure of WR Vincent Jackson? – arc

18. Carolina: The Panthers drafted Kuechly which gives them the best linebacking corps in the NFL with Jon Beason and Thomas Davis, if they can stay healthy. Pending Cam Newton’s progression, the offseason could see even more success than they did last year. Their biggest key? Staying healthy! – cbg

19. New York Jets: The Jets team philosophy is to run the ball and stop the run.  The addition of QB Tim Tebow will make QB Mark Sanchez even more uncomfortable and unsure of himself on the field.  The weapons that Sanchez has around him are not plentiful which could make him give way to Tebow some point throughout the season as he helped the Broncos lead the league in rushing in 2011. – arc

20. Kansas City: Could be a lost cause in the AFC West for all teams not possessing Peyton Manning.  The Chiefs do have three of their top players returning from injuries (Tony Moeaki, Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry) and they may have something to say about the Broncos taking the division.  Then again, maybe not. – sjm

21. Tennessee: This year Johnson will have to prove why the Titans gave him that big contract last preseason if they want to right the ship and make the playoffs.  The quarterback battle between veteran Matt Hasselbeck and the inexperienced Jake Locker needs to be earned outright by one or the other.  If a controversy arises at some point throughout the, the Titans will be in trouble. – arc

22. Oakland: Too many question marks in too many places.  What does QB Carson Palmer have left in the tank?  Can RB Darren McFadden stay healthy?  Who will back him up now that Michael Bush jumped ship for the Chicago Bears?  The defense will be average, an improvement from last year.  The special teams unit is a bright spot for the team with K Sebastian Janikowski, P Shane Lechler, and WR Jacoby Ford returning kickoffs. – arc

23. Tampa Bay: The Bucs had a fabulous draft and offseason. This is my sleeper pick to make a splash this year. They not only signed 3 Pro Bowlers in Vincent Jackson, Dallas Clark, and Carl Nicks; but they also bolstered their defense with Mark Barron and Lavonte David while adding another tough RB in Doug Martin. – cbg

24. Seattle: One positive on this team is the young secondary.  Look for the defense to be even better if they can get some semblance of a pass rush. The 12th man is something that really makes it challenging for a team to come into Seattle and win on the road. – arc

25. Minnesota: The Vikings took one step forward with getting a deal for a new stadium and have proceeded to take four steps backward. Here’s a few examples: losing Steve Hutchinson and Ryan Longwell, Adrian Peterson’s mishap, signing Jerome Simpson, drafting (and reaching) two Notre Dame safeties, and drafting two Arkansas receivers. The one positive: drafting a 10-year O-lineman in Matt Kalil. – cbg

26. Washington: They had a plethora of young talent, especially on the offensive side of the ball, last year, but they lacked direction. I think RGIII can step in and be that guy that leads them to the next step. It won’t be this year, they have too many issues on defense, but it will happen. – cbg

27. Arizona: Questions at quarterback, inconsistent play at running back, and a lot of underutilized talent at wide receiver.  Their defense will keep them in most games, but their offense will hold them back from winning many of them. – sjm

28. St. Louis: The cornerback additions of Cortland Finnegan and 2nd round draft pick Janoris Jenkins will help bolster their secondary which has been a problem for them for several years. They ranked 31st in rush yards allowed per game which can be attributed to the team giving up points early and often therefore the opposing team ran the ball to burn the clock.  Head coach Jeff Fisher will bring a much needed change of culture, trying to restore the “Greatest Show on Turf” Super Bowl days. – arc

29. Miami: Too many questions at Miami for them to make any real noise in the improving AFC East division.  Will Tannehill be the player they drafted him to be?  Will Reggie Bush build on and improve upon his breakout year last season?  Not looking good for the Phins this upcoming season. – sjm

30. Jacksonville: 1st round draft pick WR Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma St.) is still not signed.  The leading rusher in the league last season, RB Maurice Jones-Drew, is unhappy and will be a training camp holdout.  The Jaguars will be fighting with the Colts to stay out of the AFC South cellar this season. – arc

31. Cleveland: The team hopes that they found their future long term answers at RB and QB in the 1st round. RB Trent Richardson (Alabama) will be a workhorse back for the team as he has talent to succeed on every down.  QB Brandon Weeden (Oklahoma State) had big numbers last season and hopes to improve quickly in the NFL much like rookie QB’s Cam Newton (Panthers) and Andy Dalton (Bengals) did last season. – arc

32. Indianapolis: The team with last year’s first pick in the draft could very well have a repeat performance in the 2012-2013 season.  They have a new head coach, new GM, new defensive coordinator and an entirely new defensive system.  They drafted the most coveted pick in the last few years, but not even “Luck” can help them this year. – sjm

To get the rankings we all put together our own list and then added them together and divided by three to get a total score for the team.  Those scores were then put into order and assigned their respective rankings.  All of the analysis from “arc” was pulled from his own breakdown of every team in the NFL that you can find here.


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