And then there was One.

Due to a quandary caused by myself, the commissioner of my fantasy football league, instead of keeping four players from last season we are keeping one.  I now need to make a choice on a few different players that quite possibly will be nothing more than mediocre this fantasy season.  The following few players are who I have to choose from.

Matt Forte – Coming off of a knee injury that should be fully healed, and he is a happy camper now that he has been signed to a long term deal.  The Chicago Bears offense, contingent on their offensive line play, should be the most productive they have been in a long time.  The large problem with retaining Matt is the players running “behind” him.  Michael Bush could be a starter in this league, and will most likely get the carries from within the five yard line.  Kahlil Bell is a capable backup that will probably also take a couple of carries a game.  Forte does have much added value in my league due to the fact we give half a point per reception.

Matt Schaub – Our league is heavily favored toward highly productive quarterbacks.  Six points per touchdown, 1 point for every 25 yards and bonuses for 300+ and 400+ yard games.  Schaub will most likely not have many games where he throws for more than 300 yards, but he is a solid second-tier quarterback option.  If he can stay healthy he could be a top ten producing quarterback, but I know for a fact that some players will not be keeping quarterbacks that have top 5 potential.

Jamaal Charles – Missed the entire last season with a torn ligament in his knee.  The good news about this is that it happened in the second week of the season; meaning that he has had plenty of time to rehab and will be returning for the start of the season.  There is also some crowding in this backfield with Peyton Hillis coming to Kansas City to try to revive his career.  He is a bruiser who could steal short yardage situations.

Kenny Britt – Not much to say except that he did well two seasons ago and was scorching the competition in the short time he played last season.  He is also coming off a season-ending injury but should be primed and ready to go once the season starts.  The instability and sub-par play no matter who is at the quarterback position could also hurt Britt’s production.

Dez Bryant – What is there to say about Dez that everyone doesn’t already know?  Bad attitude, not very intelligent/doesn’t make the best decisions.  Jerry Jones has about had it with Dez…. YEA RIGHT!  Jones claims he is very upset with Bryant but there is no way he is letting a talent of this caliber go unless he does something really stupid.  Romo and Garrett are on the hot seat, and Bryant could be the key that keeps both in the Big D for at least another year.

These next couple of players I am not seriously considering, but they seemed of interest to me.
David Akers – The highest scoring kicker last season has the possibility of repeating that with a slightly improved 49er’s offense.  The big problem with keeping Akers is that I could find someone who will score slightly less points in the last round of the draft.

Greg Olsen – Now that Shockey has left Carolina Olsen is clearly the seam guy for the Panthers.  He is quick and long, can jump and run and is a great option at TE, has the potential to be in the top 5 for points this season.  Do I really want to make my keeper decision based off of this bit of potential?

Reggie Bush – Had a great season last year when he was finally given the reins in Miami.  With their questionable quarterback situation he could be a great pickup this season, but probably not someone to keep if a person has only one to choose.


There are all the players there is even a remote possibility of me keeping.  I also have the option of keeping no player and picking before every other person in the league does.  I am thinking that may be my best option, you tell me what you think.

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