The Dark Knight Rises

I watched this film in IMAX a couple of nights ago and felt as if it was worth the $15 admission price.  An interesting complement to the first two movies in the series. 

Cast: Many of the same actors playing the same characters, the additions were well-picked and filled their roles extremely well.  I might have chosen a different female antagonist, but I’m not a Hollywood producer.  Some of the performances by the ongoing characters seemed forced (mainly the commissioner’s) but I was happy overall with the performances displayed throughout the film. 

Characters: Without giving away much of the plot of the movie, the main antagonists were phenomenal; however I wish their history had been a little more developed.  Bane was ruthless and   Catwoman was exactly what I expected her to be, selfish and standoffish.  The new policemen complemented and helped to build the story, and the thugs more than sufficed. 

Plot: Although they just washed, rinsed and reused the same old plot from before they did very well with writing the story.  I was interested the entire film and could not predict what happened at the end.  It is somewhat confusing as to what the motive of the antagonists are at first, but that is by design.  Followed a very understandable outline and entertained throughout. 

Recommendation: Go see it in IMAX.  For sure. 



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