Mr. All-purpose

As most people who follow the NFL know Mr. Tim Tebow is slated to be the punt protector for the New York Jets.  He is currently the backup to Mark Sanchez and is chomping at the bit to take over the starting slot.  In my opinion, he does not need to take Sanchez’s place to have an impact on the field.  Almost every day we read something new about how fast Tebow is, how strong he is or how athletic he is.  Why not put him on the field with Sanchez?  Use him as an H-back, a tight end, use him as the offset back in shot gun situations.  Having two people on the field who can throw the ball well, and one of them can run like a running back?  Think of all the potential that offense could have.  I am not saying he should switch positions, but in certain points of the game they should throw him and Sanchez on the field at the same time, great things could happen.

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