What is going on with Chicago’s receivers?

The latest receiver signed by Phil Emery is special teams player Devin Thomas.  He spent last season (and part of the season before) on the Superbowl champion New York Giants roster and caught only 3 passes for 37 yards.  Compared to the trade for Brandon Marshall, this move seems a little confusing.  Especially when it is considered that they signed what looked like to be a special teams player/kick returner in former Atlanta Falcon Eric Weems.  In five years Weems has caught only 24 passes.  When you add the three players to the current receivers named Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Max Komar and Dane Sanzenbacher, this adds up to too many receivers.  Not only are there 8 receivers currently on the roster, but the Bears are believed to be looking to select a receiver in the first few rounds of the upcoming NFL draft.  Is anyone else confused by what is going on with the new look front office?  They recently acquired three new receivers and good judgement would tell us that they are not going to cut any of the receivers they signed before the draft takes place.  What is going to happen to these players?

Komar is gone.  He will either be pushed to the practice squad or someone else might pick him up.

Knox is coming off of serious back surgery, in case you did not see what happened to him against the Seahawks this past season you can check it out at this website http://deadspin.com/5869125/heres-the-brutal-back-injury-that-led-to-bears-wr-johnny-knox-being-carted-off-the-field if you want to see the best shot start around 00:45.

Knox is probably actually one of the most likely to go, even though he has been the second most reliable receiver for the Bears since he joined the team.  This injury is going to be hard to overcome, and some of the other players have value to the team other than what is easily evident.

Bennett will probably stay on as a slot guy.  If not the slot receiver than possibly the #2 option.  He has been Cutler’s favorite target since he came to the Bears and the two of them played together at Vanderbilt.

Hester is a possible trade option, he is the best kick/punt returner the game has ever seen but has not translated that success into a receiving position like people believed he would.  Part of this may be because he is not suited to play as a team’s #1 option and with Marshall on the field to draw the coverage to the other side of the field he could find his niche.  We will see I guess.

Sanzenbacher also might be traded.  He showed promise last year but fell off later in the year when the quarterback position changed hands.  If the three receivers that were just acquired all make the final roster and Bennett is also on it Sanzenbacher will be gone.

I hope they do draft a receiver, but we’ll have to wait almost a month to see if that will happen.


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