New Phone

So, long story short, I ordered a phone off for $99.  The next day I saw I could get the same phone for $59.  I call trying to cancel the order, it is too late.  However the upgrade had not gone through to AT&T yet.  So I go to Radioshack to get the phone for the lower price, they tell me there that even though I am an authorized user they cannot sell me the phone without the primary account holder there.  So I leave, call another Shack and they tell me they will sell me the phone.  I make plans to go there today.  I call AT&T today just to make sure (again) that the upgrade had not gone through, well it turns out that late last night that upgrade process started, meaning I would not get the “new contract” price if I bought the phone at the Shack.  I do not want to wait the ten days it would take to get the phone back to amazonwireless and then go to the Shack, and I do not know if their sale will last that long.  Also I am going on vacation in a week and want to use my first smartphone on my vacation.  So I am out $40 bucks I could have saved and awaiting my phone tomorrow.  A review of the phone to follow.


About millerhour

I will probably write about a lot of things nobody cares to read. There is also a good chance I do not update this very often.
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