Who should trade up for Robert Griffin III?

Some people may not have agreed with RGIII at the #2 pick before, but after his impressive combine it seems as if every analyst and avid fan is touting the latest Heisman winner as the best prospect in the draft at the most important position in football not named Andrew Luck.  (On a side note, is Andrew Luck Irish per chance)?  The fact that the current draft class is very top heavy at quarterback and extremely thin after the top few players makes the second pick an extremely enticing commodity.  There are a few teams that are obvious contenders to try to move up to take the Baylor product, including the Browns, Redskins, Seahawks, Dolphins and Cardinals.  But what are the teams that might make a surprise move and bring in a fresh face with a lot of upside to scare their current starter into playing well or possibly have Griffin take over midway into the season?

Tony Romo is the man in Dallas, just ask Jerry Jones.  The question I want answered is does everyone else believe he can take the Cowboys to a Superbowl?

What about the Jets?  Sanchez has been the latest of a recent string of USC quarterback disappointments (John David Booty, Matt Leinart) in the NFL.

Not many people think, and I’m one of them, that Tebow can have any real sustained success at quarterback in the NFL.  But after all of the recent quarterback controversy and success that Tim has had Elway would never go for Griffin.

Will the Titans try to jump up and make a splash in the AFC South this year?  Houston has come alive and is the only contender in that dead division and Hasselbeck may be serviceable, but he is not the answer.  Some real long shots would be Kansas City, Pittsburgh, or even the Baltimore Ravens.

Let’s jump back to the most likely and make a real prediction.  I really want to say Miami, mainly because their owner claimed they were going to get a franchise name coach and quarterback for this next season midway through last season, basically telling the world it was the end of Sparano and Henne in South Beach.  The team that makes the most sense to me however is the Cleveland Browns, they have two first round picks to give and some young talent to throw in.  Something that throws a wrench in there is the fact that the Vikings pick 3rd, and since there is no way they pick a quarterback in the first round two years in a row the Browns could hold out hoping that the Rams hold onto their pick and Griffin slides to #4 at them, but that is a big risk to take.  What do you think will happen?

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3 Responses to Who should trade up for Robert Griffin III?

  1. Tony says:

    There are several teams as you stated that could jump into the #2 slot to take RG3. How could he not be the second draft pick, that would be silly to pass on him. There is not another player outside of Matt Kalil, OT/USC, that is worth drafting at that spot. The Rams, if they keep the pick, could justify taking Justin Blackmon, WR/Oklahoma State.

    The Vikings even though they would like to trade their pick (#3) for a bunch of picks, I feel they would be satisfied getting Kalil.

    Getting back to your post, I have to believe that the Dolphins will find a way to get Matt Flynn, probably through Free Agency or perhaps through trade if the Packers use the Franchise Tag on him. With Joe Philbin taking over as the head coach in South Beach it makes sense to bring in a quarterback who knows the system. Matt Flynn fits the bill and is a very good player, not as dynamic as RG3 however.

    To your point, Miami is the place to be right now. The Heat are one of the best teams in the NBA, the Marlins opened a new stadium and made a splash in free agency signing Jose Reyes. Why not RG3 to the Dolphins?

    If I had to guess it would be the Browns, just because they have the most to offer the Rams in a trade. Mike Holmgren would really have to fall in love with RG3 to make that trade. He has Colt McCoy, who is alright but they can definitely use their multiple first round picks to shore up a couple positions instead of just QB. However, QB is the most important position in the game.

    At the end of the day it will come down to how much the Browns and the Redskins have to offer for the #2 RG3 pick. You know that when Dan Snyder puts his mind to signing a player, he gets his guy. He will give up the farm for RG3 and that just might be enough to get him.

  2. millerhour says:

    I don’t know who made out better in their trades so far this year, the Bears when they acquired Marshall for two 3rd round picks, or the Rams who got two first rounders and a second rounder for their first rounder, only 4 spots ahead of the top pick they received from the ‘Skins. You tell me?

  3. millerhour says:

    Oops, I meant three 1st round picks.

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