Aaron Rodgers Day?

Mr. Rodgers is a great guy.  From everything I have heard and seen about him and from him he is a great person and an astounding role model for any child, whether they aspire to be an NFL quarterback or not.  He is also one of the best passers in the NFL today, and quite possibly ever.  I have no problems with him as a person, and my questioning of “12/12/12” has nothing to do with who he is or what he represents.  I do have somewhat of an issue with the government in Wisconsin for passing this through and declaring an “Aaron Rodgers Day”.  Would this have happened if his jersey number was 3?  Or 16?  I guarantee it wouldn’t.  It just so happens that his number is 12, and he is playing amazing recently, and it is the year 2012.  If you think about it that is a lot of circumstances that are lined up for him.  This started as a Facebook thing and should have stayed that way.  I am disappointed in the legislation in Wisconsin.  It only goes to show me more that the people from that state, more particularly the Packers fans, are nuts.


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